25 03 2014

Tell the story behind your nickname, or the story of the most unusual nickname you’ve ever heard.

I’m going to go with my online nickname that I’ve used for some nine years now: ComradeCharlie.

Of course, on the internet, you need a username. My qualms about finding the ‘right’ one started when I joined LiveJournal wayyyy back in 2001 and lasted up until March, 2005 when I finally settled on ComradeCharlie. During that time, I must have had at least half a dozen usernames just on LJ and not a few more on IMs and email accounts. Needless to say, it was getting annoying changing my online name every few months.

But, to make a not so long story short, I finally arrived at my enduring username in March, 2005 and have kept it every since. And the reason behind it is so simple that I’ve sometimes kicked myself for not figuring it out sooner:

My RL nickname is Charlie, which is short for Charlotte (my first name) and I am a socialist. In American terms, that would be a bleeding-heart red commie, and I suppose in Danish terms I’m fairly far left-wing, too. Thus: Comrade. Put them together and you have ComradeCharlie, who I’ve been ever since.

It seems doubtful that I’ll change my political point of view any time soon, but if that happens, then yeah, probably I’ll have to change my username as well. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. For now, I’ve had nine years being ComradeCharlie and I’m still quite satisfied with the name. And, admittedly, a little unsatisfied that others out there have come up with the same idea. It’s difficult, isn’t it, coming up with a completely original username?

So that’s it, the story behind my username, and the first time I’ve used The Writer’s Block, which I bought months ago. And I got 313 words out of it. Not too bad for a first time, eh?