R.I.P. Charlie Cat

9 05 2017

Today, I had to say goodbye to my beloved cat, Charlie. He’s been with me for just over five years since I adopted him from my best friend back in 2012 and it was the best decision I ever made. These past five years, he’s been there for me when I was sad, when I was happy, he has been miffed with me if I took a night out to go see a movie and he has slept next to me almost every night.

A few weeks ago, he began to falter, sleeping more than usual and eating and drinking much less than he normally did. I took him to the vet two weeks ago and the initial diagnosis was a UTI, which we then treated him for. But he didn’t get better and on Sunday, he refused to eat anything at all.

I took him back to the vet yesterday. This morning I got a call from the vet and was told that he’d eaten last night (everything that he’d been served), but that he (the vet) would still like to take some blood samples, which of course, I agreed to. A an hour so later, the results were in. White blood cells were elevated and some other indicators that it might be leukaemia.

However, at the first visit to the vet, they also found a lump in his belly. So the vet suggested that he open up Charlie Cat to have a look. At first I was reluctant, taking a wait and see stance, which would have meant waiting until Thursday as the vet has Wednesdays off.

After a chat with my best friend, I changed my mind. Better to know than to go around worrying for two days.

Right now, I’m not entirely sure it was the right decision. Probably it was. But it’s still two days I won’t have back even if Charlie Cat would have been at the vet hospital during that time.

What the vet found was two large masses surrounding Charlie Cat’s bowels. Inoperable. And the only humane choice was to leave him sedated and then give him an overdose so that he would peacefully pass away.

At least I got to say goodbye. Even if he was asleep and sedated at the time.

But I shall miss him terribly. He was the light of my life at a time when there was a lot of darkness and he has been the best company anyone could ever ask for. I will always keep him in my heart and I will never forget him.

R.I.P. Charlie Cat





4 responses

9 05 2017
Elizabeth Oakes

Oh beautiful Charlie. 😦 No one could have loved him more or better than you did. Never doubt that you did right by him.

9 05 2017

Sending you much love. It’s never easy. Lost my Apache to cancer. But I didn’t want her in pain. We love them so hard, that’s why it’s so hard to let them go. Hugs to you.

9 05 2017

Oh no…. I’m so sorry. Those kinds of goodbyes are so hard. 😦

10 05 2017
Kaja Bolken-Malouf

I’m crying with you dear heart, You are so enlightened, Charlie was so fortunate to be able to take care of you. The love you gave each other is priceless. I know it’s to soon to think about it, and you can’t replace Charlie, but I hope you consider giving another cat a warm loving home soon, there is one out there that needs you.

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