Book Review – Espedair Street

9 01 2012

Espedair StreetTitle: Espedair Street
Author: Iain Banks
Published: 1987
Pages: 362
Rating: 3/5

All the while I was reading this I was waiting for that moment where there would be the unexpected twist, the turn to the weird and the strange. I was waiting for the moment that I’ve come to expect from Iain Banks where he takes the story in an entirely different direction than the one you were expecting and make you reel from the surprise and the delight of it all.

But that moment never came and the only Weird in this story is the main character’s nickname. Danny Weir (Weir, D=Weird) is an over-the-hill rock star in his early thirties, who now lives in a fake church, letting his new friends believe that he’s simply the caretaker of the place and not a once-famous rock star worth millions.

The story follows Dan in two ways: the first is life after rock fame, telling us how he gets along with his two buddies, McCann and Wee Tommy as they drink and hit the bars of Glasgow. The other storyline tells us the story of Dan the more or less unwilling rock star (writing the songs and playing the bass, not really wanting to be in the spotlight) and life with his band members, showing us the shenanigans they get up to as they become more and more famous.

But story is rather predictable for an Iain Banks novel and while it was certainly interesting and there are some fun bits in there, it’s just not my cup of tea. I rather prefer the Banks novels that are truly twisted and strange and the science fiction that he has published with the middle initial “M”.